MARKET FAILURE - brings you to a power point presentation from the economics dept at York University in Toronto, Canada.

MARKET FAILURE 2 - brings you to a very good power point presentation on market power from the dept of economics at the univerisyt of Hawaii.

link to an ONLINE TEXT BOOK Principles of Microeconomics

Externalities Link, a word document to show the differences in positive and negative externalities resulting from both consumption and production.

A word document to explain the income and substitution effect. Also explaining a Veblen and Giffen good. Taken from economics from a global perspective.

Great article about how the current economic situation is having an impact on prices of superbowl tickets and related superbowl events.

Article concerning COLLUSION. An EXAMPLE (no you cannot use it) of a potential extract to be chosen for IA.

Notes on Economics systems: Traditional economy, cantrally planned economy, free-market economy.

Powerpoint presentation used in class in Oct/Nov 2009 related to the Supply and Demand Model.

Notes on the Supply and Demand Model.

Powerpoint presentation used in HL economics to discuss budget line and indifference curves.

Series of powerpoint presentations used to explain income and substitution effects.

Link to a website where the income effect and substitution effects for an increase in the price of one good are illustrated.

Word document outlining what makes demand more or less elastic

How does a volcano erupting in Iceland relate to Microeconomics??? read this article Volcano

Web based Articles related to farm subsidies..follow this Subsidies

LONG RUN SUPPLY CURVE (HL ONLY): The following is a Word document that illustrates how we can dervive the long run supply curve, given a decrease in market demand, for a constant cost industry, an increasing cost industry and a decreasing cost industry.

The following document is an example of how to answer a Exam question from HL paper 2 (short answer essay questions).

MARKSCHEME HL test on PC/Monopoly written 17/06/2010