Hello kids!

It's really starting to feel strange to me not to be teaching economics...but even us oldies need a change once and awhile to keep us on our toes!!!

I promised I would write comments and answers to your end of year test from year 12...and I will. I haven't been around a computer much over the summer so I am a bit behind wirth it but it will be here soon.

Hope you have all enjoyed your summers!!!! Lesa Currie

the following audio file is a podcast from the economist. Every Monday the economist publishes Money Talks. This one is from Monday November 1st and is about the US and their monetary and fiscal policies. WELL worth a listen. I will also get todays (sorry....it is only published once a month!) and post it as it should be about the economic statistics in the US for the month of October.

Money Talks Nov 1 2010

the following audio file is a podcast from the economist of the beginning of Nov 2010. This is interesting for you to listen to as it might give you some tipp regarding the EVALUATION that you have to do on the INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (not evaluation associated with the exam). The discussion is also interesting and, of course, related to your course...perhaps you'll choose to read the book some day.

TO COME...trying to cut it down to fit on page....

The following Video is less 'important' to watch in terms of your course BUT it does have some good points about consumer behaviour and is quite interesting to listen to...wouldn't it have made a great EE in Econ!!! Please watch if you have time. It is from TED talks. If you have a facebook account you can become a friend of TED talks and have them show up on your facebook page....

ALSO, a few weeks ago I e-mailed you about a lecture being held by the university on Tues, November 23rd at 20.00. The lecture is entitled LESSONS FROM THE ECONOMIC CRISIS. I will be going and I highly recommend that you try to attend! The address where it is being held is "Auditorium, Minderbroedersberg 4-6". You can find it on Google maps. It is just off the Vrijtof.